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About Us

Company Name : Life One Health Science Pvt Ltd
Company Email ID :
Company Phone No : 9095220555
Nature of Business : Preventive Health Care

Welcome to the world of happy health and Blissful life. 

We at Life One, have designed a scientifically validated protocol to help you lead towards a healthy life and prevent yourself from getting chronic ailments, improve immune system, enhance energy levels and produce holistic improvement in your entire body systems. Our program is designed to help sub healthy people became healthier, by working in 2 phases: 

📍By Detoxifying the body systems 

📍By Rejuvenating the energy levels 

Improving Health and Immune system, 100% herbal products. Ayush certified, U.K patented. Specializing in :Detoxification, Body Weight Management, Personalised Nutrition, Digestive Health, Hair & Skin Care, Child & Sports Nutrition, Cellular Nutrition.

Mission : Providing Retail Franchise Opportunity and Health Awareness to All Citizens.


Life Epitome ( POWERHOUSE OF ENERGY) 30 veg. Capsules

A comprehensive formula that works on the entire body, this product provides natural Astaxanthin - the king of carotenoids, Shilajith - a natural apoptogenic resin from Himalayan sources, Curcumin - a natural anticancer and anti-inflammatory compound blended with many natural herbal extracts to increase maximum bioavailability that tackles wide arrays of lifestyle chronic disorders ranging from blood sugar management, Macular degeneration, Alzheimer's disease, Stroke management, Sleep improvement, Dyspepsia, Cholesterol reduction, Rheumtoid arthritis, Cardiovascular morbidity reduction, improvement in exercise endurance and in carpal tunnel syndrome, support fertility management and protects skin, reduces wrinkles, Boosts cognitive function and overall enhancement of body metabolism

Price: 2000/-
Life Detox X7 ( Single Detox Kit )

What if you know, there's a system to prevent such disorders, that too, in a natural, feasible and affordable herbal way. It's called on the go, Life Detox mobile kit, which is a 7 days super cleanse program, that can be done without disturbing your daily work routine. Life Detox Kit Contains It prepares you mentally not to consume highly processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, tobacco and non-vegetarian foods, during the 7 days of detox period.

Price: 3000/-

This synergistic blend of herbal extract help to boost your blood Hb levels and offers enhanced immunity to protect your body. Regular usage improves the skin health, strengthen your CNS and protects your heart from plague formation, gives pain relief, helps to reduce stress levels and fatigue, increases bone density and stabilizes your hormonal levels. Overall, this formula supercharges your day and its highly recommended to make this an essential part of your daily routine.

Price: 1000/-
Life Evening (SUPERCHARGE YOUR BONE HEALTH) 30 Veg Capsules

An inevitable need of our today's health is to supplement and care for our bones & immune system. Our specific herbal blend is targeted to take care of your bone health and improves its density. On long term usage, boosts your immunity, stabilizes your hormonal levels & fights bacterial and viral infections. The anti-inflammatory property reduces gout pain and improves joint health. We highly recommend to take care of your health, as this formula is designed for your longevity.

Price: 1000/-
Life StemCellGenomics (THE SCIENCE OF LONGEVITY) 30veg Capsules

your unique Proprietary flagship formula combines the trademarked Switzerland plant stem cells combined with our ancient traditional herbal extract, to produce a wonderful concoction of ingredients. Plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have unique capacity to propagate themselves and to divide asymmetrically to differentiate into tissue-specific cell types. The plant stem cell used are completely safe and validated with wide varieties of health benefits APPLICATIONS : Skin Perfection Beauty from within Skin rejuvenation Anti-aging Skin vitality

Price: 3000/-
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