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How it Works

As per the current scenario, it makes sense to get in place business cards that are virtual, as this is the new normal. For any business, a business card is a must for its employees as a visiting card acts as their identity and adds credibility. Get your staff all equipped with fewer digital business cards that they can share safely with their prospective clients during the online meetings on Zoom, Teams, teleconferences etc.

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Create an account with Equicard just by entering a few basic details.

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Brush up your creative skills. Customise colours, add catchy videos, and web URL's, links to your social handles, to make a lasting impression on your clients.

Share Your Card

The first step towards being a successful impresario is to make your presence felt. Now, the power is in your hand, share your digital v-card with any person, anytime.

Follow Up

Stay connected with your contacts and follow up accordingly. Like you can plan for virtual business meets and discuss future prospects.

Why Digital Card

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Save Time & Money

In business, time is money. Now, amend and update information on your virtual business card anywhere and everywhere just by logging into your account on Equicard. And bid adieu to the recurrent expense of reprinting business cards.

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Save Environment

Approximately 2 million trees are cut in a year to make business cards, which is dangerous. By doing your bit for society, you can switch to virtual cards and save the trees and the environment from being harmed. Our entire team makes sure to commit ourselves to society's betterment and promote everyone to switch to digital cards.

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Target Leads more efficiently

Increase your business prospects, by finding your target audience easily through more focused search and connect options. Make sure, you don’t miss out on any vital undertaking, set reminders through calendar integration, and remain up-to-date.

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Savvy Marketing tool

Digital business cards support building personal brand acknowledgment through comprehensive planning by making optimal use of this digital podium.

Digital Visiting Card India & Real Connections

Equicard – The leading service provider of the Digital Visiting Card India has made it super easy for the businesses and the employees to go all digital. One can track their card, and it hardly takes a few seconds to share the cards with the clients. Sharing your business card with the shareholders adds to the long-lasting impression on everybody you interact with.

The expert and experienced staff at Equicard will assist you with all your branding needs, such as- helping the brands create a brand identity, designing appointment cards, logos and letterheads. We also support the brand by building robust strategies to enhance the further identity of the brand.

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