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Company Name : Shree Sai Seva De-Addiction Centre
Company Email ID :
Company Phone No : 8850065972
Nature of Business : Deaddiction Center

Shree Sai Seva De- Addiction Centre Works in the field of medicine, to provide people of Mumbai with needed curative care.

The Centre deals with addition of any form such as

It helps the addicts to recover and lead a normal life.

Services offered-

There are 4 Steps treatment according  to the patient needs

  1. Without knowing addicted person
  2. If person is willing then home care treatment - 1 Month
  3. Hospital - Admission facility for internal healing
  4. Rehabilitation Facility - At least for 2 months
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Alcoholism | Smoking | Tobacco | Ganja Treatment

Shree Sai Seva De-Addiction Centre follows a proper model for de-addiction. This program has been recommended as the most effective way of treating the addicts. The primary objective of this program is lifetime abstinence from alcohol and other mood-altering chemicals and improves quality of life in order to free oneself from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

This objective is attained by applying the principles of philosophy which includes frequent meetings with other recovering people and changes in daily behaviors. The ultimate goal is to help addicts overcome their problems and also guide them to the right path by which they can easily fit back in the society having a positive approach towards life.


To be in harmony with your natural body, you must ensure that your physical and mental wellbeing are wholesome and complete.

One may argue that the current high paced life has made it difficult always to achieve health goals. But, let us assure you it might be difficult, but it is not impossible. If the equal effort is made on yourself as you make on your work and other aspects of life, the true essence of life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

At Shree Sai Seva De-Addiction Centre, we help you bring this change by pacifying the ill effects of toxins generated in the body due to addictions.

Depression / Counseling

We at Shree Sai Seva De-Addiction Centre believes that it is about paying attention to yourself by talking about your thoughts and feelings about any area of your life that you may wish to explore and understand better in a protected and confidential surrounding. A counselor is a neutral person who does not force his or her values or beliefs on you, instead focuses on your own. They make you feel comfortable and understand your emotions better, so that you can gain clarity and discover your own answers.

The number of sessions with a counselor depends on the area you wish to address and your goals.

Drug addiction Treatment

Drug addiction takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul while showing its several and intense effects on you and your family. Alcohol or drug addiction is a vicious cycle where you will end up taking more and more whenever you want to get rid of it. Addiction also causes deaths in one way or another. The severity and extent of consequences for the family and addict depends on the duration and time of addiction. There is no control over the use of a substance, whether it is alcohol or drugs.

If you are looking for a solution, there is no better way than joining a drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai which has been helpful for thousands of addicts since inception and provide blissful and prolonged recovery contact us today.

Our effective drug addiction treatment in Mumbai duration varies as per the severity and needs of patients

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