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About Us

Company Name : Amman Industrial Corporation
Company Email ID :
Company Phone No : 044-4864 9915
Nature of Business : Industrial Lubricants & Speciality Greases

Welcome To Our Company

Amman Industrial Corporation, are an established supplier of superior quality industrial lubricants. We specialize in marketing & supply of conventional lubricants like “POWER OIL” and “MOTUL” lubricants for Automotive Industries, Cement Industry, Mining Industry,Wind Mills, Textile Industries, and Petro chemical Industries etc. We are a group of technocrats having extensive experience lubrication engineering. Capable of providing high level of engineering services, we also offer application-engineering support and total lube management to industrial customers.

Company Profile:

Amman Industrial Corporation is an Established on 2016. We are the distributor of industrial lubricants “POWER OIL” and “MOTUL” Metal working fluids, Specialty Greases and Hot forging Lube. Our experience in many major manufacturing industries has given us a thorough understanding of Lubrication,Metal working fluids but also knowledge of the impact they have on manufacturing processes.Our sales engineers are trained to recognize opportunities andput into place continuous improvements to enhance and optimize your operating environment. Making full use of our extensive knowledge base and with commitment to best practice, our highly trained staff will provide the best advice to benefit you and your employees. Whether you are looking for tools to do it yourself or you prefer us to deliver the whole solution, it is your decision how extensive our involvement is. In either case, we will assist you in the best way possible.Besides recommending the best products for your application, whatever your metalworking fluid and lubrication requirements,we take into account synergies between your equipment and components, the tooling and the fluid to maintain and improve your quality standards and achieve sustainable productivity levels.Our goal is to provide you with products that optimize your processes

Our Range of Products

 Engine oils,

 Hydraulic oils,

 Compressor oils,

 Forming Lubricants,

 Industrial Gear oils,

 Rust Preventive oils,

  Slideway oils,

 Spindle oils,

 Synthetic Gear oils,

 Neat Cutting “Honning,Gear Hobbing,Gear grinding,Tapping,Gun drilling ”.

 Soluble Cutting oils “Mineral base, Semi Synthetic & Synthetic”

 Tube and Wire and Drawing Lubricants,

 Turbine Oils,

 High Performance Grease,

 Water Resistance Grease,

 High Temperature Grease,

 Low Temperature Grease,

 High load & Heavy Duty Grease,

 Silicon Grease,

 High Speed Spindle bearing Grease,

 High Temperature Chain & Conveyor Oil,

 Food Grade Oil & Grease “NSF H1” ,

 Synthetic Grease,

 General Purpose Grease,

 Extreme Pressure Grease,

 Moly Base Grease “MOS2”,

 Antiseize Paste,

 Semi Fluid Slideway Grease,

 Biodegradeable Sparyable Grease,

 Open Gear Grease,

 High Pressure Die Casting Lubricants,

 Forging Lubricants,

 Cleaning Oil“Neat & Water based”.

 Our Vision

To be a partner of choice for the customer by providing high performance value added products and technical services which assist them to increase productivity and reduce overall Cost. We also work closely with Automotive Industries to create technological advancest that bring further cost and process improvements to your bussiness.Combining innovate support with best-in-class products and services, AIC will help you to meet the challenges of today’s competetive world.

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