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About Us

Company Name : Value Shelter
Company Email ID :
Company Phone No : 9790555146
Nature of Business : Developer & Business Consultant


Vision and Mission:
Identify One Lakh Entrepreneur in Real Estate, Preventive Health Care and Block Chain (Cryptocurrency) Industry.
With such a vision we are offering an employment and entrepreneur opportunity to any individuals those who willing to improve their health and wealth.
Our Services: -
Real Estate:
15 Years Experienced Property developing and marketing company in Coimbatore with more than 2500 happiest clients worldwide. All Type Of property buying and selling consultant 360 Degree in Coimbatore. We also provide Customized service across the country and globally if required.
Preventive Health Care:
Health is the sole thing that has a ripple effect on all other aspects of life, be it in a positive or negative state. Bearing this fact in mind, our herbal and nutritious products are solemnly dedicated to nourishing one’s body and wellbeing which firmly keeps them in the pink of their health. Improving Health and immune system, 100% herbal products. Ayush certified, UK Patented, Specializing in Detoxification, Body Weight Management, Personalised Nutrition, Digestive Health, Hair & Skin care and Cellular nutrition.
Block Chain (Cryptocurrency):
Providing an Opportunity to Invest and Earn across Global.
Loan Services:
All type of Personal and Business Loans arranged in Banking and Private Sector with short and long terms across the country.
“Our Services Are Our Value “
--- Gratitude---